The HOLE Project

"Where's the jewels?"

The HOLE Project subjects conventional visual communication to strenuous challenge and questions the object's usefulness as a bearer of meaning. It addresses the perceived place and meaning of the object through absence and memory in an exhibition context, and in wider social and psychological spheres. The object has a vital role in art and our exhibition experiences - what happens when the object is missing?

HOLE has three distinct parts, each addressing a different type of absence. Hidden explores expectation and the power to withhold conferred by possession. On Loan discusses ownership in relation to jewellery and other objects, and examines our behaviours in this context. Lost focuses on loss, grief and abandonment, raising questions about possession and dispossession.

Hidden is represented by a series of works that are encased in a wall. These objects are inaccessible, although they are present in the gallery. The works in On Loan and Lost are neither present nor available. The On Loan series consists of ten pairs of jewellery. These works have been lent to unsuspecting participants who are in turn requested to lend one of their pair. The Lost objects are literally lost.

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Stella Chrysostomou