Carol Cromie
    The Case for Exhibit A

Pic Picot

Michael Knight
It Is Confused by me

Bella Reid
                 Like What

Alexandra Nelson
Jewellery of Tarot

Marion Fraser
Back Where You Belong

Jude Hawkins

Sarah McCallum
This Thing

Yoko Uehara
The relic

Annabelle Armstrong
Confounding Jewellery

Bridget Auchmuty
If This Were Jewellery, Where Would You Put It?

Mandy McKee
Abandonned Part
9.Lisa Walker br.jpg

Sarah McCallum

This Thing
     in response to Gavin Hitchings

I'd like to hold it, this ring
thing made of ground poetry
and beaten metal

I'd slip my thumb
into its thumb-size space
to wear a nuclear power plant
on my knuckle

To watch it spin and jangle
like a superhero's ring
as it shoots plasma bolts,
splits atoms and pulls me
through time and space -
I'd be The Green Lantern
with my emerald vapour trails.

And we'd meet up - me,
Plastic Man and Captain Marvel -
on Wednesday afternoons
(when crime is slow)
to sit in McDonalds
with our thickshakes and fries
and gripe about how it gets
harder to tell the good guys
from the bad in our fight
for comic book justice.

Or maybe we'd share laundry
tips on keeping superhero
uniforms free from lint.

But for now I tap at
the perspex and
press my ear close
to hear it murmur;

this thing like a ring.

Yoko Uehara

The relic
     in response to Erik Kuiper

A long time ago, the world was too dangerous for me
So I raised defenses around my soul

The solid silver walls allowed no trespass,
until, the day, the invaders made a way
through the fortress-
and have occupied it ever since

I came to see that the defenses were no use
and realized I had also refused the grace from a higher power-
I buried my timeworn kingdom under the ground

Today I find this thing
that used to be a part of me

 Annabelle Armstrong

Confounding Jewellery
     in response to Erik Kuiper

Behind the screen
a floodlit world
of suspended invention
Look once and be amused by
the solid silver translation
look twice and note the flaws
imperfect joins
exposed glue
the underside a moonscape of holes
a finger-printed surface
of paper tape and abandoned lines.
Look a third time
and interpret
this creation
this inspiration
this jewel in a confounding world
of like
the separation of
reality and the invented
is a perspex wall.

Bridget Auchmuty

If This Were Jewellery, Where Would You Put It?
      in response to Sean O'Connell

                              O you should not rest
                   Between the elements of air and earth
       But you should pity m.  William Shakespeare

In baggy trou a weefella   
four-legged firm-planted   
sheens - a dark cat shell  

two gold dots aslant   
are squiffy eyes in the smooth 
organzaed front   

and four round holes in the top are proof 
of darkness; they let in light.   
In his Perspex booth   

he shivers slightly   
hovers suspended between the elements 
of air and earth.  Artificial light 

and air conditioning dent  
the quiet like a ship in port.          
Inside his oxygen tent   

he is eviscerate.  He ought  
to have aorta, pulmonary vein, 
flesh.  You'd have thought  

these holes were meridians.  
His eyes beseech   
you to take him in.   

You want to reach   
into the plastic orphanage  
hug him and set him free. 

Mandy McKee

Abandoned Part
     in response to Lisa Walker

Once part of an old Mercedes
you hang now in the last position.


Four hollow exhausts, one set ruggedly wired
then it was bodged against a square plate.


Tossed into the metal scrap heap
at the recycling centre
abandoned until a boy found you.

He took you home, ground away
the rust and polished you smooth.


Now halogen light shines on you
and if viewed in reverse
you can be deemed the first.

This anthology was produced by students on Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology's 2008 Poetry course in response to the nine exhibited interpretations of Bill Manhire's poem. The poems are produced here in the order in which they were read at a reading given on May 21st, 2008.                                    Cliff Fell, Poetry Tutor, NMIT